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5 Sustainable Skincare Brands to Try in 2019

5 Sustainable Skincare Brands to Try in 2019

5 Sustainable Skincare Brands to Try in 2019

Every day, savvy shoppers are looking for the cosmetic products that satisfy their needs with safe, high-quality natural ingredients, but many customers find themselves facing a dilemma as the cosmetics industry’s massive environmental impact comes to light. How can you find the products that work for you among countless beauty brands, while avoiding excess and waste that would inevitably contribute to a larger carbon footprint? Many natural beauty brands who value sustainability have pondered this question and created their own solutions - end your search for sustainable and ethical beauty this Earth Day by exploring these eco-conscious brands and finding out what they can offer you and our Earth.

1. MÁDARA Organic Skincare

Hailing from Latvia but becoming increasingly popular throughout Europe and the world, this natural beauty brand strives to minimize its environmental impact every step of the way. Sourcing 95% of herbal ingredients from local organic farms allows Madara to avoid burning fossil fuels that would otherwise be expended on importing ingredients, as well as to prevent the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides – all environmental toxins and pollutants. In addition to safely sourced ingredients, Madara is strongly committed to recyclable packaging, with 40% of plastic packaging made from post-consumer recycled polymers in 2016; easily recyclable cardboard packaging constructed to use less paper than conventional products, and 100% recyclable product packaging, which includes tubes, jars, and bottles. That means no Madara product will end up in the landfill!

Madara draws inspiration from herbs native to Latvia and Northern Europe and maximizes the potential these unique ingredients to deliver visible, scientifically proven results. The Time Miracle line, targeted for anti-aging, features birch water, which is a nutrient-rich traditional Nordic drink tapped from birch trees in spring. Just as this powerful liquid restores life to birch trees after a long winter, it can rejuvenate human skin by facilitating cell division to boost collagen formation by 25%.

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One of the largest natural facial care brands in the United States, Derma E prides itself on sustainable business ethics geared toward reducing environmental impact and improving conservation efforts. Starting in 2007, Derma E has replaced conventional electricity use with renewable wind energy, which contributes to a healthier planet by offsetting greenhouse gas emissions. Derma E’s products all feature fully recyclable packaging, with the exception of Hydrating Facial Wipes, which are 100% biodegradable.

With protecting the world’s coral reefs in mind, Derma E created their Natural Mineral Sunscreen with ingredients that have been identified for both coral reef ecosystems and humans. Non-nano, broad-spectrum zinc oxide provides SPF 30 protection without creating a strong white cast, while potent antioxidants such as green tea prevent free radical damage from UV radiation. This summer, try this reef-friendly sunscreen that protects both you and our oceans’ natural ecosystems.

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3. Newco Natural

A Calgary company, Newco has been committed to creating results-driven natural products with organic, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free and cruelty-free ingredients since 1996.  All Newco products feature fully recyclable or reusable packaging, which contributes to reducing the plastic that ends up in landfills. Not only is Newco committed to only using ingredients that are healthy for both humans and the environment, they also seek to make a positive social impact with future generations in mind by donating 1% of profits to non-profit organizations such as Plan Canada and The Council of Canadians, which advocate social justice and care for our environment.

Newco is known for their products containing sulforaphane, an extract from 3 day old broccoli seeds and sprouts with the power to activate phase II enzymes that enable detoxification, repair DNA damage in our bodies, and protect cells from oxidative stress and UV radiation. Anti-inflammatory and anti-aging, Newco Broccofusion Lotion and Ointment have been known to calm dermatitis, battle acne, fade hyperpigmentation, and more.

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4. African Fair Trade Society

The BC-based brand imports organic, nutrient-rich Shea butter from Ghana and Senegal and manufactures body butters, lotions, and soaps via a cold-pressed process with no chemical additives, ensuring health and efficacy. African Fair Trade Society is committed to making a positive difference by supporting West African communities; in addition to providing employment for women with fair trade wages, it also supports youth by funding school supplies and provides food and shelter for families. A portion of the profits is also allocated to funding malaria medicine and health clinics for those in need.

A great natural emollient body butter with water retention properties, the 100% Pure Shea Butter is rich in vitamins A, E, and F, which nourish skin and alleviate dryness. As well, the traditional African Black Soap is perfect for natural and gentle exfoliation with its particles of plantain skins and cocoa pods, and its anti-inflammatory nutrients are ideal for treating symptoms of acne, dermatitis, and hyperpigmentation.

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5. Dr. Bronner’s

Established in 1948, this family-owned brand has honoured its founder’s vision for a better world for many years as a leader in sustainable business and farming practices. Dr. Bronner’s consciously measures and reduces its environmental footprint yearly, with sustainability practices such as generating electricity with solar panels, using 100% post-consumer recycled shipping boxes and soap bottles, and is looking into adopting bio-plastics for future products. These practices allow for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and conservation of virgin resources, while preventing more materials from ending up in the landfill. Dr. Bronner’s also ensures that ingredients are cultivated in a way that is gentle to our Earth. Whereas industrial agriculture is notorious for depleting soil and increasing pollution through the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, Dr. Bronner’s employs a regenerative organic process that reforms fertile soil and restores excess carbon from the air to stable organic matter in the soil, which combats climate change. Dr. Bronner’s has also invested more than 2.5 million USD in fair trade premiums, which help to support farmers in multiple developing countries.

In contrast to conventional cleaning products that often contain harsh sulfates with potential to strip and irritate, Dr. Bronner’s iconic Pure Castile Liquid Soap is gentle, nourishing, and fully biodegradable. It features a plant oil blend including moisturizing coconut, olive, and jojoba oils, leaving skin refreshed without drying it out. This versatile product comes in a rainbow of scents with a myriad of applications, including but not limited to cleansing the hair, face, and body. The Naked Organic Lip Balm, with protective beeswax and organic jojoba, avocado, and hemp oils, is another multitasker: in addition to healing dry lips, this balm is perfect for soothing cracked skin and can even tame brow hairs.

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