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Understanding Herbs - Reishi

Understanding Herbs - Reishi

Understanding Herbs

Todays herb: Reishi – Ganoderma lucidum

General Info

  • Reishi is traditionally a part of the Chinese and Japanese materia medica.

  • Reishi, meaning divine or spiritual mushroom, is from the Japanese tradition, where it is also known as the phantom mushroom, or varnished conk.

  • Reishi is a hard and bitter fungus that has been used for more than two thousand years, making it one of the oldest known medicinal mushrooms.

  • The wild reishi is relatively rare, with almost all commercial products grown in sterilized environments.

  • It grows well on elm, alder, oak and some strains are found on conifers. It is found rarely in the Pacific Northwest.

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Understanding Herbs - Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum)

~ Written by one of Finlandia's Clinical Herbalists: Petra Sovcov of Healing House Natural Wellness Clinic ~

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As with any form of herbal medicine, the information is not meant to replace medical advice or prescriptions from your MD. All information below is based off of Materia Medica texts and comes from published and historical sources. Click here to find out what reishi supplements Finlandia carries!