Health Centre

Laboratory Testing

Finlandia Health Centre offers a variety of laboratory tests to help diagnose and treat health conditions.


Food Sensitivity Testing

Food -sensitivity tests are an excellent way to determine what foods may be causing inflammation, digestive disturbances, fatigue and many other conditions and symptoms associated with food sensitivities. The immune response to a variety of different foods is tested. Antibodies to these foods are detected and the patient will receive a report indicating foods they should avoid.

Gastrointestinal Testing

Gastrointestinal health panels are a group of non-invasive screens of the gastrointestinal tract and its function. Stool and saliva samples are submitted by the patient after home collection. This test evaluates digestion, absorption, gut flora and the colonic environment. and evaluates for parasites using microscopic examination and testing.

Bone Health Testing

A bone health panel provides an assessment of bone health utilizing a combination of non-invasive saliva and urine tests. It measures how fast bone is being lost and the hormone levels associated with bone health.

Adrenal Stress Testing

Stress is the leading cause of disease and mortality. The Adrenal Stress Index (ASI) panel is a simple non-invasive test utilizing four saliva samples collected at specified time periods during the day. With this information your practitioner can help to support your body’s stress response as well as decrease stress-related damage to your body.

Female Hormones

Female hormone lab testing can be done using either saliva or urine. These tests are designed to assist in the prevention and treatment of hormone related symptoms and conditions. They provide clues about menstrual irregularities, infertility, menopause, fatigue, breast cancer and osteoporosis.

Male Hormones

Male hormone lab testing can be done using either saliva or urine. These tests assess hormone imbalances and deficiencies in men by evaluating sex steroid metabolism.

Standard Laboratory Tests

Conventional blood tests such as cholesterol panels, thyroid, iron, blood glucose, and vitamin D levels can be ordered by your naturopathic physician to help assess your health concerns and determine the most appropriate treatment program. The results will be evaluated by your naturopathic physician with the goal of prevention and optimizing health rather than as disease markers. These tests are done through Life Labs or B0 Biomedical and are not covered by MSP.