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At Finlandia, we partner with some of the most experienced healthcare practitioners who are dedicated to finding the root cause of your health concerns. We are proud to recommend these professionals who provide the highest quality of care. These practitioners develop individualized treatment plans using a combination of modern medicine and traditional therapies. We look forward to hearing how these practitioners are helping you achieve the very best of health and well-being.

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Noble Naturopathic

  • Ana Lopez

    Dr. Lopez’s journey into naturopathic medicine began after receiving treatment for her allergies. She was so impressed that she decided to become a naturopathic doctor. Currently she maintains a family practice and has had experience treating a variety of conditions. Dr. Lopez holds a BSc. in cell biology and genetics from UBC and is a graduate of the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine. She has pharmaceutical prescription authority in British Columbia. 

  • david-duizer-headshot-website-2016.png

    Dr. David Duizer is a Naturopathic Doctor and Partner at Noble Naturopathic in Vancouver, BC. As a passionate, driven, motivated leader in integrative medicine focused on optimal wellbeing, holistic healing and natural health Dr. Duizer looks to lead Noble into the future of integrative wellness. He believes in an all encompassing mind, body, spirit approach to living in balance, obtaining optimal health and achieving freedom from disease.

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