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Maintaining a healthy weight in our fast paced, hectic world isn’t easy. Nutrition has gone to the wayside, and people are more concerned with flavour and speed. Counting calories just isn’t an option. If this sounds like the struggle you face, then Lose-It is for you.

Lose-It is a stimulant-free herbal weight loss formula. It helps aid the body in controlling weight through increased metabolism of fat, cholesterol, and appetite suppression.

Lose-It is made from the rind of the Indian fruit Garcinia Cambogia. This plant has been a staple of the Indian diet for centuries because of its pleasant sweet citrus taste; it is often used in the making of curry. Modern science has brought this plant to the front line in the ‘Battle of the Bulge’. Garcinia is high in HCA (hydroxycitric acid) which has several remarkable positive effects.

Garcinia Cambogia has been proven, in clinical studies, to help reduce weight and cholesterol levels. This remarkable fruit is the diet aid of this, and possibly the next, century.

Garcinia is a natural appetite suppressant; it helps to reduce food intake. It prevents the body from storing fat in fat cells, and inhibits the body from creating new fat cells. Combined, these help the body to use, rather than store, fat. Garcinia also helps the body lower cholesterol levels by inhibiting the body’s production of cholesterol.

Lose-It has no stimulant action, although some users have reported improved energy levels. Experimental evidence indicates that this may be attributed to the action of HCA on the liver. The liver naturally produces glycogen (a source of energy). In order to generate this glycogen the liver uses fatty acids stored in fat cells, resulting in a further depletion of fat in these cells.

Overall, Garcinia Cambogia has shown to be effective in reducing weight, fat, and cholesterol. It accomplishes this with no negative side effects, and without a strict diet plan. Lose-It is unique in that it is a flavourful diet product that can be taken on its own, or used to replace sugar in drinks. Try that with any other weight loss product!


  • Garcinia Fruit (Garcinia Cambogia)
  • Pure Filtered Water
  • Pure Vegetable glycerine


Lose-It should be stored tightly sealed in a cool, dry area until it is required.


Simply take 5-10 drops three times daily, ½ hour before meals, and add a few drops in place of your usual sweetener to sweeten your coffee, tea, or any beverage.

Safety Information

Do not take during pregnancy or while nursing.