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Vitamin D Testing


The D-Spot Test

Finlandia offers a vitamin D test called, ‘The D-Spot Test.’ It is an easy-to-administer, take home test, that does not require a trip to the lab or a requisition from a doctor. It is something you can do on your own to monitor your personal vitamin D levels.

Without regular supplementation with vitamin D, it is recommended to test at the end of March or April, when levels of this vitamin are typically at their lowest, and at the end of August or September, when vitamin D levels are usually at their peak. If you are already taking a vitamin D supplement, the test allows you to monitor if your levels are in the optimal range.

Please ask us for details as to how you can benefit from taking this valuable test!

Why take the D-Spot Test

Knowing your vitamin D levels is vitally important, as low levels of the sunshine vitamin have been linked to numerous diseases and health conditions. If you wish to know more, please click the following link to read our Vitamin D Testing: Customer Information Sheet:

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